Roofing Solutions For Your Business

Your business is a vital component of your life and one that needs that extra sense of security and protection. Our crew members are professionals when it comes to commercial roofing, and we are ready to tackle all of your roofing needs no matter the project specifications.

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Henris Roofing Company workers installing new rubber membranes on a sloped commercial roof
  • Commercial Roof Inspections

    With so much activity occurring on a daily basis to keep your business running, inspecting your roof and dealing with any problem areas before they worsen is crucial.

  • Commercial Roof Installations

    For newly built commercial buildings or existing ones, we offer and install many different types of single-ply roof membranes for flat and low-sloped commercial roofs.

  • Commercial Roof Replacements

    Factors such as constant leaks means that a roof replacement might be a viable, cost-effective option. We will tear-out the existing roof system and install new, premium materials on it.

  • Commercial Roof Repairs

    Quick and effective roof repairs are available for any type of damage, big or small, that has been found by the property owner or during one of our roof inspections.

Long-Lasting Beauty & Security. All The Brands We Use

We partner with the best manufacturers to give you the best roof possible!

Flat Roofing

While flat roofs are most commonly found on commercial buildings, many homes still have this type of roof.

This type of roof uses eco-friendly coatings and membranes to seal a roof.

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